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POLIS is the governance tokenused at each level of governance,representing financial stake inthe game, voting power in theDAOs where it is staked, andcontrol of the Treasury. It has afixed supply that will not grow (unless a decision to the contrarywill be made by governancedown the line).

As an asset, POLIS is a low-velocity, long-term store-of-value that incentivizesgovernance of the ATLAS economy for its long-run production. The POLIS DAOis tasked with the minting, distribution, and redistribution of ATLAS within theATLAS treasury, and earn portions of the returns in ATLAS to the developmentsthey vote to fund.With a long-term perspective, DAO governors will ultimately be able to drivethe direction of Metaverse development. Even to the extent that the foundingStar Atlas development team could be voted out as the primary vendor forgame assets and game design. Other areas of more immediate focus include:economic revisions, feature releases, asset release schedules, and optionalityto incorporate player-created content.The total supply of POLIS is permanently fixed and does not increase.

POLIS can be acquired in the following ways:

Primary Issuance: The Star Atlas team may directly sell POLIS tokens topotential governors
Secondary Markets: Can be bought and sold on secondary markets
In-game Rewards: Completing certain missions in-gameMetagame Rewards:

a. Actively attracting new users that stay for some amount of time orgenerate some amount of value
b. Organize existing users into guilds/factions and more, based on whatthese guilds/factions produce
c. Guilds/Alliances will be rewarded with an amount of POLIS based onhow long they have actively participated in the universe. The rewardstructure will be calibrated to disincentivize churn

Governance Participation: Staking in the DAO and being active
Meta-economics Rewards: Liquidity provision on AMMs and other DeFi entities


Aug 25, 2021 - Aug 26, 2021 (Ended)
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$ 1,000,000
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1,800 POLIS / ticket
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